An interstellar rebrand.

Sometimes your business grows so fast that your branding gets left behind. That’s where Aquila Insight was when they asked us to review their brand.

Our rebranding was based around the Aquila constellation that gave the company their name; within the design are yellow dots that represent not only the shape of the constellation but also the explosion of data innovation in business. The fact that the constellation pattern is initially hard to spot reflects the fact that Aquila’s expert team are adept at finding patterns that others may not see and their instinct to look for deeper meaning in seemingly simple things.

In addition to redesigning the logo we implemented a full rebrand across their platform and products, including their flagship Discovery platform. The work featured on a range of items including signage, stationery, Microsoft templates, and internal and external documentation. We also redesigned their website.

We approached Taste at a time when our growth was really accelerating. We needed someone who really got us and could take our brand and visual identity on the journey with us. They helped us set clear objectives to engage better with our internal and external audiences and we were delighted with the concepts they came back with. The final brand not only tells our story, but is helping to actually drive the business forward.Aquila Insight